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10mbps to be or not to be

Written By : Jason Daniel | 2010-09-10

Over the past month Telkom has quietly been upgrading their exchanges to support the long overdue ADSL 2+ standards and providing their end users with up to 10mbps ADSL speeds. This news has been a welcome relief to many end users already but has left a number of people disappointed as they are unable to receive a full 10mbps service.

Up until now Telkom provided three ADSL speeds, 384kbps, 512kbps and 4mb where available. If you were not able to get a full 4mb service you they would not provide it to you, now their tune has changed. Telkom are upgrading all 4mbps lines to a maximum of 10mbps with a big BUT in the fine print… If you are too far from the exchange or your line quality is not good enough they will provide the best possible speed and not fix the problem.

This may not seem to be too much of a problem until you consider that in South Africa we are paying huge premiums for service, the national provider is 2 to 4 years behind competing markets with their upgrade deployments and now we are being told in a roundabout way that they have not kept their network up to standard and cannot provide a decent service to all (majority) of their clients yet we still have to pay full price… One has to wonder what they have been doing all this time.

On the international market ADSL 2+ speeds are reaching up to 24mbps with very little speed degradation across much older networks and at a fraction of the cost. So while us South Africans are left celebrating the long overdue upgrade in the ADSL network, we are left wondering about the bad taste in our mouths when we wake up to realise that the most of us are only getting 8mbps of the 10mbps we are paying for.



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