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Email Marketing vs. Email Branding

Written By : Rocketseed SA | 2009-09-14

I’d like to draw on some comparisons between one form of e-mail marketing, newsletter distribution: mass communication and another: single e-mail – 1 to 1 communication.

Having access to your own database of user e-mail addresses (and by your own, I don’t mean the proprietary tag that comes with buying a database, I refer to a database that you’ve collected overt time of people that have indicated they would not mind receiving your information) is a highly valued asset to any business with the grey matter to appreciate client relations and communications.

Not many companies have those types of databases though. So let’s look at the benefits of e-mail branding, where businesses have the ability to showcase more or less the same marketing message than they would on an e-newsletter.

1. Personalization: And I mean real personalization. For starters, you very seldom send an e-mail to someone whose name and surname you don’t have. And when you do, chances are that the recipient would be much more lenient toward your ‘unsolicited’ e-mail than he / she would to a newsletter.

2. Conversion rates: Selling Coca Cola to Coke drinkers are much easier than selling to Pepsi drinkers. More importantly, people who know that you’re in the business of selling Coca Cola, will come to expect that you would be marketing it in some form or another. E-mail branding works in a similar fashion. People expect you to market a service they full well know you provide, and secondly, the majority of your e-mail recipients are far more likely to fit your target demographic than some random database.

3. Reputation: We’ve entered a reputation sensitive era with the internet transporting opinions and recommendations at the speed of a click. Importantly, why take the chance to annoy droves of Pepsi drinkers with your Coca Cola branded mail shots when you can grace your own (admittedly much smaller) e-mail recipient base with unobtrusive branding?

4. Ownership: Your e-mail is yours pal and you can pretty much decorate it as you choose. Chances of receiving hate mail because of it are fairly slim, simply because the marketing message is secondary to the message you sent. If it’s relevant, the recipient will click on it in any event. In fact, I think most people would appreciate your marketing efforts if done tastefully.

5. Wow factor: Because you receive an e-mail notification when someone clicked on one of your links, you can imagine the coolness that comes with calling said person literally within the same moment that they’re browsing your website.

E-mail newsletters have its place…for everyday in between, there’s e-mail branding. To find out more about the email branding solutions offered by Gmail in conjunction with Rocketseed click here.


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