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Price Reduction for ADSL

Written By : Alisa O'Reilly | 2010-09-07

Effective from the 1st September, our 'Per Gig ADSL accounts' pricing will be changed to a flat rate of R55 (incl. VAT) per gig. This is a price reduction of about 20%.

There are numerous advantages to the Per Gig ADSL system. Firstly, the pricing is simple – a flat rate of R55 (incl. VAT) per gig per month, which is less per GB than any of our capped accounts. Secondly, the per gig ADSL accounts are a high quality bandwidth offering and thirdly, customers only pay for what they use. Whether a customer uses 20 gigs, or 2 gigs, the flat rate of R55 (incl. VAT) per gig remains the same. So if a customer was to go away on holiday, they would not have wasted any internet fees.

With the per gig ADSL accounts, customers set their own maximum usage limit on their gig usage per month. For example, they can choose a personal limit of 5 gigs per month. This means that if they were to exceed 5 gigs in the month, they are hard capped. However, customers are only billed for the exact internet that they use. So, if in a month, only 2.35 GB are used - customers are billed for 2.35 GB - not more.

If a customer reaches their hard cap limit, their internet is cut off. This is no problem, and they can easily contact us at Gmail, and purchase another gig or 2 for that month, if need be.

Here at Gmail, we are proud to announce the ADSL price reduction on our Per Gig accounts. We will constantly strive to provide the best and most efficient services to our customers



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