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SEACOM lands in SA

Written By : Dale Hurwitz | 2009-09-01

The 17000km SEACOM cable runs along the east coast of Africa and links several countries along the coast of Afica with India and Europe. SEACOM is the first of many fiber optic cables under construction to be completed. Promised with the completion of the cable is faster and cheaper international bandwidth, but is this the case?

SEACOM unlike the SAT3 / SAFE cable has no redundancy, which means if the cable breaks the connection will not work. In order for this cable to be used reliably by ISPs it should be implemented in a blended environment. A combination of bandwidth from the existing SAT3 / SAFE cable along with the new SEACOM cable will lead to a roughly 19% reduction in cost when compared to current international bandwidth costs.

TENET is the first beneficiary of the landing of SEACOM, but for the rest of us it will still be roughly two months until the cable has been rolled out nationally. There are local fiber optic cables that still need to be completed from the landing site in Mtunzini to POPs in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

SEACOM is definitely a step in the right direction, but don't expect immediate benefits in terms of bandwidth speeds and prices to be derived.


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