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What is Hosted Exchange?

Written By : Alisa O'Reilly | 2010-10-06

The number of companies using Hosted Exchange is increasing worldwide. The reason is that Hosted Exchange is  more secure, reliable, flexible and enables an enhanced level of mobility and suits today’s working environment.

Gmail’s Hosted Exchange service means that you don’t have a physical server in your office that hosts/runs your Microsoft Exchange e-mail service. Your company’s email is outsourced managed and hosted through secure data centres.

Gmail’s Hosted Exchange allows you to access your work e-mail and calendar on a laptop, mobile phone or through a regular web browser, allowing you to work remotely and still keep in contact with all your work processes, therefore increasing your work efficiency.

All your e-mails, calendars, contacts and tasks are synchronised, so if you send an email from your mobile phone it will automatically be on your laptop and webmail interface. Gmail’s Hosted Exchange ensures that your email is secure and your content is managed. Your email is offsite and safe in the secure data centres, run by our highly skilled team.

One of the biggest advantages of running Microsoft Exchange is the ability to collaborate efficiently with your colleagues. You can share your calendars, contacts and tasks or manage other colleagues calendars (perfect for a PA / Director).

Hosted Exchange through Gmail works to enable a cost effective solution for businesses who have from 1 employee to 10000 employees. Your work efficiency increases, as you can access your email and tasks remotely. Your costs decrease, as you don’t have to set up a server in your office to run your email, manage the servers and deal with connectivity and licensing costs. Your email is secure and your content is managed.

Gmail Hosted Exchange offers you fully outsourced enterprise email, web based provisioning, and spam filtering – ensuring the safety of your data. If you are interested in the service for your business or would like more information on Hosted Exchange, please click here.



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