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For large enterprises with distributed networks, implementing a secure, reliable and centrally managed network is critical to ensure high levels of security at the central and remote offices. Deployment of a range of individual security solutions brings in issues of management and control of the solutions, particularly at the time of security incident, delaying response. In addition, with insider threats accounting for 50 % of threats, identifying the user becomes critical to security.
Cyberoam CR500i, CR1000i and CR1500i are powerful identity-based network security appliances that deliver comprehensive protection to large enterprises from blended threats that include malware, virus, spam, phishing, and pharming attacks. Cyberoam’s unique identity-based Network Security Appliance protects large enterprise users from internal threats that lead to data theft and loss too.

Key Benefits

  • Identity-based visibility and security
  • Identifies individual user activity
  • Policy-creation based on individual work profile
  • Fights external and internal threats
  • Regulatory Compliance and Rapid security audits
  • Powerful, high performance security appliances
  • Secure remote access to remote offices, road warriors, telecommuters, partners and customers
  • Centralized security control over remote offices
  • Centralized Aggregated Reporting and Logging for central view of network activity

Comprehensive Security
The Check Mark Level 5 certified Cyberoam Network Security Appliance delivers the complete set of robust security features that are built to support the demanding security requirements of a large enterprise, including Stateful Inspection Firewall, VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec), Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware, Gateway Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention System, Content & Application Filtering, Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management over a single appliance, lowering capital and operating expenses.
Cyberoam’s Intrusion Prevention System along with stateful inspection firewall, SSL VPN and IPSec delivers high performance network security in addition to business continuity through bandwidth management and multiple link management. At the same time, enterprises can choose Cyberoam’s gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware and gateway Anti-spam solutions to ensure effective email security. With content filtering and bandwidth management, enterprises enjoy high levels of web security.
Secure Remote Access
Cyberoam’s SSL VPN delivers anywhere-any device secure remote access in today’s increasingly mobile and open business environment where central networks, extranets and applications are accessed by road warriors, telecommuters, partners and customers. The platform, location and device-independent access allows enterprises to offer high security remote access with business flexibility.
Cyberoam IPSec VPN offers encrypted tunnels for secure communication between remote offices and the central office. An unmatched Firewall-VPN performance offers branch offices a secure, remote access to corporate resources. The VPNC certified Cyberoam VPN is compatible with most VPN solutions available and supports IPSec, L2TP and PPTP connections. It provides automatic failover of VPN connectivity for IPSec and L2TP connections.
Enterprise-Class Security
Integrated Active-Active High Availability feature of CR500i, CR1000i and CR1500i appliances maximizes network uptime and ensures uninterrupted access. Cyberoam’s Network Security Appliance offers Dynamic Routing that provides rapid uptime, increased network throughput with low latencies and trouble-free configuration and supports rapid network growth. VLAN capability enables large enterprises to create work profile-based policies across distributed networks from a centralized location or head office.
Centralized Security
Enterprises can deploy centralized security with complete control over globally distributed networks through the Cyberoam Central Console, enjoying zero-hour protection at branch offices against emerging network attacks despite the lack of technical resources at these locations. Further, Cyberoam iView - the Intelligent Logging and Reporting solution delivers centralized reports of network and user activity of distributed locations, allowing administrators to take rapid action.