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Cyberoam’s integrated Security Appliances are purpose-built for comprehensive network protection and high performance needs of small, medium and large enterprises. Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified, ICSA firewall certified identity-based Internet Security Appliances offer protection against external as well as internal threats.
Cyberoam offers multi-lingual support with Chinese, Hindi and English language GUIs, enhancing user experience in some of the largest and fastest growing markets.
Identity-based Security - Patent Pending Technology
Cyberoam’s unique user identity-based Internet Security Appliances solve today’s need to control individual user behavior to ensure comprehensive threat management. Functioning with Layer 8 technology, Cyberoam gives complete visibility into “Who is doing What” in the network and allows policies to be created at the user level based on work profiles. With the finest level of controls and an unprecedented degree of control, flexibility and ease of management, the Cyberoam Internet Security Appliance is a highly effective UTM solution that reduces capital and operating expenses.
Gigabit Performance
The Cyberoam UTM appliances deliver high performance through the use of multi-core processors optimized through its software architecture. Cyberoam’s architectural flexibility can easily accommodate emerging applications like VoIP through own enhancements and easy third party plug-ins with no architectural changes, keeping organizations in a state of constant threat-readiness in a rapidly evolving threat scenario. Cyberoam appliances balance performance and security by using technologies like multi core processors, regular expressions co processors and hardware based Advanced Cryptography Engine for accelerating key functions of the UTM appliance.
High Availability

Cyberoam’s Active-Active High Availability provides efficient, continuous access to business-critical applications, information, and services. Active-Active HA increases overall network performance by load balancing the network traffic between two Cyberoam appliances. Further it offers auto failover, eliminating the problem of single point failure. The cluster appears to your network to be a single device, adding increased performance without changing your network configuration. Primary appliance acts as the load balancer and load balances all the TCP communications including TCP communications from Proxies but will not load balance VPN traffic.