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Gmail's Per gig ADSL is a great option for you – it is reliable and a high quality bandwidth offering. Per Gig ADSL from Gmail is priced at: R55 (incl VAT) per gig. You only pay for the exact amount that you use. So, if you only use 1.22 GB in a month, you pay for exactly1.22 GB – no more! If you have a certain idea of how much internet you will be using in a month, the Per gig ADSL option from Gmail is a great cost effective option for you.

How the Per gig option works is: you choose your own personal limit of GB’s that you would like to use in a month - and if you exceed your personal GB monthly limit, you will be hard capped (this means that you will not be able to connect to the internet)

This personal GB limit that you choose is purely to help you set a personal limit on your internet usage. So, this amount is completely up to you.  For example, if you choose 5GB as your hard cap limit for the month, and you only use 1.32GB of internet in the month - then you will only be charged for exactly 1.32GB.

If you exceed your own personal limit in the month, and you are hard capped, you can easily give us a call and purchase another 1 or 2 GB if you would like to. 

All in all, the Per gig ADSL option is the way to go – it is cost effective and reliable and helps you personally budget and control your internet usage.

To download our Per gig ADSL Internet signup form, click here

All prices include 14% VAT unless otherwise indicated and are subject to our terms and conditions, change, E&OE.


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