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Gmail's Uncapped ADSL is a good option for you if you are looking to download regularly from the internet. There are 2 options:

1) Basic Uncapped ADSL and

2) Express Uncapped ADSL

Uncapped ADSL means that you will not be capped, ie: your internet will not be cut off - depending on how much you download from the internet.  

1) Basic Uncapped ADSL:

The Basic Uncapped ADSL option gives you cost-effective, uncapped internet. You have 2 options when choosing Basic Uncapped internet. The price differs depending on the speed of the Uncapped ADSL offering. 

The Basic Uncapped ADSL internet options from Gmail have no usage limit – so you are free to download. But, if you download more than 20GB per day, the account speed will be reduced by 50%. If you download 60GB per month – your effective cost per GB – will we well under R10.00 – and with either of the Basic Uncapped ADSL options, you will be able to download well in excess of 60GB – if you have the need. 

When choosing an internet account – please note that the quality of the bandwidth of the uncapped accounts is not at the same level as our other capped, per gig or uncapped offerings. This might affect you if you require unshaped internet access and you want a consistent high-speed service. But this option is great as far as savings go and you can use the internet without worrying about how much bandwidth you use and your internet being capped. 

Your Price per month Your Account Limit Your rolling threshold
R 199 384 kbps 20 GB per 10 days
R 499 4096 kbps 20 GB per 10 days


To download our Basic Uncapped ADSL Internet signup form, click here

All prices include 14% VAT unless otherwise indicated and are subject to our terms and conditions, change, E&OE.


2) Express Uncapped ADSL

The Express Uncapped ADSL option is for you if you require the assurance of an uninterrupted / uncapped and fixed cost ADSL service. How it works is that you will be allocated a certain threshold for a 10 day rolling period.  

If you reach your 10 day threshold before the 10th day, your line speed will be halved (Eg: 512 kbps will be dropped to 256 kbps). However, if your consumption is reduced, your line speed will be restored to the purchased level. 

Gmail will lift the limitation after hours (20:00 – 08:00) and over weekends, where you will be open to use the full line speed during this time. The usage during this time will be counted as part of your 10 day rolling threshold. This system has been put in place to discourage abuse of this service and thereby giving you a superior quality service!

Your Monthly Price Your Account Limit Your Rolling Threshold Your Setup Fee
R 1200 384 kbps 5 GB per 10 days R 855
R 1700 512 kbps 10 GB per 10 days R 855
R 3200 1024 kbps 20 GB per 10 days R 855


To download our Express Uncapped ADSL Internet signup form, click here

All prices include 14% VAT unless otherwise indicated and are subject to our terms and conditions, change, E&OE.


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