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Mail Archiving allows you to create a centralised and searchable email storage bank where all your emails will securely be stored. This has very easy access and messages are very easy to find.You can quickly search across the archive to find emails and save result sets.

Gmail's Mail Archiving allows your organisation can set up policies to meet internal and external retention requirements – you can also set up extensive reporting: which will monitor all activities that occur within the company archive. You can set up central email policies to manage content and compliance requirements.

Your data will be stored in Google’s secure and redundant data centres keep your messages fully protected and backed up, removing the risk of loss due to onsite server failure.

Key Features of Mail Archiving:

  • Manage email archives.
  • Data ownership remains with your organization, so you retain the control over your information.
  • End users can archive their own personal archive through a web-based interface, or an MS Outlook toolbar – no IT assistance needed!
  • By archiving your mail, you can decrease backup windows and recovery times.
  • You don’t have to worry about disk space and storage quota – there is scalable unlimited capacity without additional administration and contracts.
  • You can view reports of all archive activity – including searches and exports from the archive for compliance needs.


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