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Gmail's Postini Anti Spam plus Message Security is always on and always current – it provides real-time threat protection and virus detection.

Message Security  keeps your network safe – stopping spam before it reaches your network, so you won’t have any message loss or disruptions to email service. This works with real-time spam and virus protection and content filtering for inbound and outbound email.

You will have domain-to-domain encryption – which will transmit secure messages with policy-based Transport Layer Security protocols.

Message Security protects sensitive data during transmission. You can protect sensitive messages such as financial data and personal content by industry-standard SSL or TLS protocols.

By using Google’s network of secure data centres, this will minimize costs and reduce IT maintenance.
You will get guaranteed deliverability, as this service deals with securely filtering and delivering billions of transactions each day.

Message Security works with your existing email system, so you don’t need to add hardware or software. Updates will arrive automatically, so you won’t lose out on time or incur additional costs.


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