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Email marketing is all about getting your message into your recipient's inbox and having them read it, but why limit yourself to just ONE communication channel? Bulk Mail offers multiple channels to get your message out there - Email, Microsites, and RSS Feeds.

RSS Feeds

Our system allows you to publish your newsletters and promotional emails to a RSS Feed, doubling your marketing and communications efforts in one step. Your clients will be able to choose whether they would prefer to receive your messages via Email, RSS Feed, or both.


Newsletters you've sent in the past often contain a wealth of information that new subscribers might have missed out on. To utilize this information, Bulk Mail allows you to create mini websites, or microsites, thereby making your past newsletters accessible as webpages.


Bulk Mail's API uses XML over HTTP and allows you to seamlessly integrate our functionality into your existing applications or websites. Think of the API as a remote control for Bulk Mail: It can be used to build, manage, automate, and streamline your email newsletter sending and subscription processes remotely.

To use the Bulk Mail API, you'll need someone with programming experience and knowledge of XML.


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