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Once-Off Mailing

Bulk Mail once-off mailing simply allows you to purchase credits in a “pay as you go” manner. The credits do not expire, so you can use them in an ad-hoc fashion. However, once your credits are depleted, they will not be replenished unless you manually order more through our application form.

The once-off credit price is also at a slightly higher premium over the subscription packages due to the admin and staff required to maintain this ad-hoc credit allocation and account administration.

SME & Corporate Accounts

Bulk Mail is an easy-to-use email marketing platform with a robust and powerful feature set designed to augment your online marketing activities. Bulk Mail will help you grow your client lists and build an understanding of which campaigns are most successful by reporting which clients receive, read, and forward messages.

If your company has multiple departments or offices that need easy access to shared communication resources, Bulk Mail SME & Corporate edition can be branded with your company logo to enforce brand consistency and will allow you to easily share mailing lists across multiple departments and office locations.


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