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Gmail works with a mail branding solution called Rocketseed - this brand your emails. This is marketing and brand awareness for your company, every time you email!

Gmail, together with Rocketseed, will ensure that each email has company branding with interactive, clickable links. You can change and rotate the links, therefore increasing your:

•    Brand awareness
•    Website traffic
•    New business leads
•    Your marketing footprint!

You will be able to access instant marketing measurable results. You can instantly see what works and how well, by looking at the stats of who clicked where and on which link in your email signature. Each email you send will build brand awareness by driving traffic straight to your website, market your products and generate new business leads.

Why use Gmail and Rocketseed?

•    Rocketseed is the Global Market Leader in Email Branding (delivering technology to over 500 enterprises and thousands of small businesses)
•    Measurable results: increasing website traffic, generating new leads and is interactive
•    Branding email correspondence is the way forward for small businesses.

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