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How to find archived faxes you have received:

  • You logon with your password.
  • Click on the ‘Received’ or ‘Sent Faxes’ tab.
  • Select the fax your require.
  • Click the ‘Resend’ button.

Labelling your faxes:

  •  You can custom name and date your fax, up to 60 characters, so this makes searching and finding your faxes once they are stored very easy.

How to ensure your documents are safe:

  • There are 2 ways to make sure that your documents are kept safe.
  • Firstly, you can elect to comply with the SARS Act for the Archiving of Documentation and
  • Secondly, you can make use of the FaxFX storage facility.
  • This will ensure the safe keeping of your documents for 5 years.
  • This fax service keeps all your faxes for you – so you easily and automatically will be complying with the law that all companys need to keep records of their fax correspondence for 5 years.
  • This fax service therefore protects the integrity of your fax data offsite, with real-time access for retrieval.


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