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Gmail's Hosted Exchange Pricing:

  Basic Business Enterprise
Mailbox Pricing R35.00 R75.00 R115.00
Mailbox Access Methods      
Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook
Web Access
Security Features      
Email Security - Basic Χ
Email Security - Standard      
Basic Features      
Personal Address List
Global Address List N/A
Shared Folders N/A
Shared Address List N/A
Shared Tasks N/A
Shared Calendar N/A
Group Scheduling N/A
MAPI Access N/A
Active Sync N/A
Mailbox Storage Space 500MB 5GB 10GB
Domains Per Organization N/A 2 2
Distribution Lists N/A 10 10
Contact Per Organization N/A 30 30
Max Send / Receive Size 10MB 10MB 10MB
Max Recipient Per Mail 30 30 30
10 Year Archive N/A N/A
Email Branding R30.00 R30.00 R30.00
ADD Mailbox Storage – 1GB N/A R10.00 R10.00
Add domain N/A R10.00 R10.00
Blackberry Enterprise N/A R25.00
*All pricing excludes VAT      

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